Wednesday, September 2, 2015 Emergency Medicine jobs on an interactive map with awesome data points (school rankings, median income...)

Emergency Medicine jobs for physicians

My good friend (Puneet Chopra) and I just launched - an interactive map with Emergency Medicine jobs, listing every hospital in the United States. We've taken a different approach to the job search process.

It turns out that most groups are always hiring, or at minimum always wanting to receive more CVs. In fact, there is so much constant flux in Emergency Medicine, that there is no way a recruiter can update a bunch of different ads on different job boards constantly. It's just too fragmented.

We realized that what Emergency Medicine needs as a specialty is a single site where every hospital is listed and physicians can easily connect with the recruiter for that site. Additionally, it would be very helpful to have data filters and points to help physicians decide their career options.

Here's some of the data points we've added and why:

  • Door-to-doctor - We think this is a good measure of the overall functionality of the site
  • Discharge length-of-stay - ditto
  • Median household income - Give you a sense for the community
  • School rankings - Critically important if you have kids and are thinking of moving to the area
  • ED volume - obvious, but critically missing from most job board filters
Let us know what you think of We know that it's not super pretty or fast (yet), but right now our goal is to get the proof-of-concept off the ground and get feedback. 

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