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How to connect openai to zapier to twilio so that you can interface with GPT3 via SMS

 I created an SMS interface to openAI's gpt3 API so that I can send an SMS prompt to openai and get an SMS response. Result looks like this: There may be better/easier ways of doing this, but this is how I figured it out. I'm assuming some degree of familiarity w/ Zapier here: 1. Buy a phone number in Twilio to use for this. This only costs $1/mo 2. In Zapier, create a new zap where the trigger is "Webhooks by Zapier" (Premium option). Choose your event as "Catch Hook". This will generate a webhook URL that is custom for this workflow. We are doing this because when you send the SMS to the Twilio phone number, you want it to **instantly** trigger the zapier workflow and not wait the 5-15 min it takes for Twilio to trigger on its own, so for that you need the webhook: 3. Copy the webhook URL from zapier and paste it into Twilio in the "A Messages Comes In" webhook section for that phone number 4. You will then need to send a test message so that Zap