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Hospital (Enterprise) EHR/EMR growth trends from 2011 to 2014

I found a very interesting dataset  (update May 2016: it looks like this dataset has disappeared from very fishy!) showing the number of hospital installs each major EMR/EHR has since 2011. I put the data into a simple chart: It is interesting that in the last 12 months almost all of the EHRs' growth has plateaued except for Epic and Cerner: But to see what is REALLY going on, take a look at another angle on the same data. Of the 135 additional hospital installs of EHRs (going to the top 6 vendors) in 2014 , EPIC got a whopping 68% of new hospital installs, according to the same public data set: Given the many articles on user interface and integration problems with EPIC, this is a scary trend: 1. Why do users dislike Epic so much. 2.  Stockholm syndrome and Epic’s takeover of medical records 3. Why EMR companies don't care about usability 4. Bad EMRs 5. “On a really good day, you might call the system mediocre, but most of the time it’s lousy,” s