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Showing posts from March, 2020

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks to the members of the Montgomery County Medical Society about Remote Patient Monitoring

  On March 24, 2020, Dr. Alex Mohseni and Dr. Amy Schiffman were invited to speak to Montgomery County Medical Society’s  physician members about Remote Patient Monitoring programs, their value in the COVID-19 era, how practices can implement these programs, what value they have to patients, and how to overcome some of the challenges of these programs.

Mastering Medicare Episode 4: What is Medicare Part D?

Dr. Amy Schiffman and I do a deep dive into Medicare Part D in this episode of Mastering Medicare. Here are the topics we cover: What is Part D Medicare Opt in Part D Premium calculation for Medicare Part D What is the Medicare Donut Hole? Medicare Part D Donut Hole 4 stages of Part D Part D deductible stage: first $435 Part D initial coverage stage: first $4,020, up to 25% of cost of medication Tiers of medications in Part D Part D tier 1 medications Part D stage 3: donut hole, 25% patient responsibility Part D stage 4: catastrophic stage, copay

What Hospital and Provider CFOs Need to Know About Revenue Cycle Automation

I wrote a post on LinkedIn about healthcare Revenue Cycle automation . I explain that hospital and provider CFOs and CEOs should fully understand and maximize automation of deterministic algorithms before getting involved in artificial intelligence programs.

Mastering Medicare Cheat Sheet

Amy Schiffman and I have created an awesome 1-page Medicare Cheat Sheet. You can get it for free by joining the Mastering Medicare subscriber list . Here's a sneak peak

Mastering Medicare Episode 3: Part B published

In this riveting episode, Dr. Amy Schiffman and I do a deep dive into Medicare Part B . We cover these topics and more: What is Medicare Part B What services are included in Part B Professional services Part B Physical Therapy Part B Outpatient Labs Part B Outpatient Radiology Does Medicare pay for DME When does Medicare pay for 911 Medicare Part B is opt in How much does Medicare Part B cost Medicare Part B monthly premium Medicare covers part only 80% Medicare secondary insurance / Medigap / supplemental Part A vs Part B Physical Therapy Cost sharing for radiology Cost sharing for lab tests under Medicare Medicare limits on lab tests DME How do you order DME, wheelchair, hospital bed in a patient's home 13 month lease to own DME Same and similar DME Parachute same and similar DME This podcast episode is an absolute must for physicians, APPs, senior-serving professionals, those in the eldercare world, and any body else who wants to understand Medicare Pa

We've Launched MasteringMedicare, a podcast about the inner workings healthcare and eldercare

My colleague, Dr. Amy Schiffman, and I have launched our podcast Mastering Medicare , in which we do deep dives into how Medicare works; how each of the elements within the different parts of Medicare (Part A, B, C, D) works; we interview healthcare leaders and healthcare business owners and operators to learn from them about the mechanics of their business. This podcast is of special interest to any medical provider, healthcare practitioner, physician, healthcare business owner, eldercare provider, and senior serving professional. We welcome your feedback. Thus far, the first episode is an introduction to Medicare . Second episode teaches everything you want to know about Medicare Part A .