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Showing posts from May, 2020

Dr. Mohseni’s Webinar with Maryland Department of Health about Remote Patient Monitoring during COVID-19

Dr. Howard Haft , the Executive Director of the Maryland Primary Care Program at the Maryland Department of Health, invited Dr. Alex Mohseni to speak about Remote Patient Monitoring in the COVID-19 era. Dr. Mohseni helped explain what is Remote Patient Monitoring, why should people and especially seniors know about this program, how can physicians implement this sort of program, and what some of the challenges are in such a program. A video of the webinar can be found by clicking the 5/08/20 COVID-19 Update link in the Webinar section of the Maryland Department of Health or can be accessed directly here .

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks with the local Aging Life Care Association members about COVID-19

Dr. Mohseni had the pleasure of speaking with Aging Life Care Professionals about COVID-19-related issues, including testing, resources, and prevention, during their May 7th virtual meeting.

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks about telemedicine at Sycamore’s Telemedicine Roundtable

Dr. Alex Mohseni was invited by Sycamore to speak about his experience building, launching, and practicing in telemedicine virtual care programs. Dr. Mohseni explains his experience building value-based telemedicine programs in partnership with payers, especially Medicaid MCOs, the value of chat versus video, and many of the details and challenges of building such programs. Video of the telemedicine discussion session can be accessed with this link .