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Nursing home comparison using quality and safety data from actual inspections

I put together an interactive map with data tables showing nursing home quality data from Nursing Home Compare . The table is specifically the Nursing Home Deficiencies table, which tabulates deficiencies in safety, fire safety, and health. Learn About Tableau In the above interactive map, you can search for nursing homes by adjusting the filters on the right side. The filters include state, number of deficiencies, general type of deficiencies (they are generally categorized into fire safety and health), and "scope severity code", which is well defined on the following website: . There is a good report on the completeness and accuracy of Nursing Home Compare data from the OIG on this site: . Here are the typical types of nursing home deficiencies cited: Allow residents to easily view the results of the nursing home's most recent inspection. Reasonably

How to create your own data visualization map using live Hospital Compare data from CMS/Medicare and Tableau Public

In this post I'm going to show a step-by-step way to create your own data visualization map using *live* Hospital Compare data  . By "live" data I mean that the data visualization we create will update automatically when CMS updates its data set; we will not have to download the new data, rather we will build the connection between Tableau and the public data available on CMS' web site. Here is an example of the end product we will build: Learn About Tableau Just to summarize what the above map shows: Each hospital is represented as a circle on a map, color coded by its score on one of the questions from the HCAHPS survey. The user can click on the filters on the right and move the map to look at other state's hospitals, and switch which HCAHPS question he is interested in. What's *REALLY* cool though, is that this data is not static. When CMS updates the hospital scores, our map will update automatically. To build the above: First, download the

Cool new way to search for Assisted Living Facilities using a Map with nearby hospital quality data

I just put this map together, essentially a mashup of assisted living facilities and hospital quality data from HCAHPS. I first published this on Seniorbility  (a senior cognitive monitoring and safety service), and I am republishing it here to make it more widely available. I was browsing around Assisted Living websites and found the search process to be pretty deplorable. Obviously, this map is just a first step. If anybody has access to a national database of senior housing facilities with addresses, phone numbers, and/or websites, please let me know! (Direct message me @amohseni or put a comment on this post).