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Health Maintenance - Jiffy Lube for Humans?

The average adult spends $30-150 every 3 months to maintain their car, but what do they do to maintain their body, which presumably is more important? When's the last time you checked your cholesterol? (compare that with your last oil change) Blood pressure? blood sugar? triglycerides? percent body fat? Think about this: jiffy lube took the really cumbersome and long task of car maintenance and made it  routine, focused, and fast. Maybe the same could be done with health maintenance? Just like with cars, if there's something actively wrong, you have to go the standard route (see a mechanic/doctor/hospital), but if you're just doing routine maintenance, you don't need all that.  What if regular health maintenance check-ups raise your health awareness and end up motivating you to eat/act healthier? What if insurance companies offer cheaper insurance rates if you show a record of regular maintenance and good numbers?