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EHRs are slowing doctors down

Great article on Venturebeat talks about the loss of efficiency (and therefore money) associated with certain EHRs. As I've said before, interface matters. Here's some quotes:
"EHRs are one of the main issues that make doctors worry about their profitability."
 "EHRs are currently slowing doctors down ...  20 to 25 percent of doctors will be back in the market for better solutions surrounding EHRs."
Venturebeat goes on with a fantastic second article titled "Nurses will never adopt your tech if the usability sucks," which reinforces the same idea, interface matters
“User experience it’s really critically important. Because of the consumer experience now is pretty slick, when you get into the walls of the hospital [consumer-grade experiences are] beginning to be the expectation, and we so don’t deliver it right now.”


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