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INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute Cardiovascular Symposium 2012

Dr. Merdod Ghafouri, CEO of Virginia Cardiovascular Associates, this weekend is hosting the second annual INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute Cardiovascular Symposium with keynote speakers, former Vice President Dick Cheney and Dr. Jack Lewin, the CEO of the American College of Cardiology. With some of the biggest names in cardiology in attendance, the focus is not just on treatment, but more specifically prevention, of cardiovascular disease.

“How should you treat coronary artery disease - medication or revascularization? Perhaps a more interesting question is whether we can identify patients at  risk and prevent the disease.”  
— D r.   M e r d o d   G h a f o u r i   
Dick Cheney and Dr. Jack Lewin, CEO of the ACC

Dr. Merdod Ghafouri, CEO of VCA
Dr. Alireza Maghsoudi, Nina Totenberg (from NPR), and Dr. Alex Mohseni in attendance at the Symposium dinner


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