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MasteringMedicare episode 18: Medicaid Long Term Care: interview with Robert Bullock Esq.

In this amazing interview with Robert Bullock , a DC-based Elder Law attorney, from   The Elder & Disability Law Center , Dr. Amy Schiffman and Dr. Alex Mohseni discuss Medicaid Long Term Care coverage. We cover these topics: What is Medicaid Medica long term care eligibility What does Medicaid waiver mean? How does one qualify for Medicaid Medical eligibility for Medicaid long term care Financial eligibility for Medicaid long term care Most people are in crisis mode when trying to qualify for Medicaid long term care How are patients assigned to rehab Medicaid 5 year lookback Put your assets into an irrevocable trust at least 5 years before you think you made need Medicaid Why doesn't Medicaid cover ALF Medicaid long term care payments are like a loan Medicaid estate recovery Atlantic article on Medicaid estate recovery Life care Planning and Management At what age should everybody talk to an elder law attorney Video version of this episode: Robert
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MasteringMedicare Medicare Cheat Sheet updated

 I'm excited to share the newest version, for 2021, of our MasteringMedicare Medicare Cheat Sheet. Feel free to share and provide feedback with suggestions and corrections.  Link to download the Medicare Cheet Sheet:

Dr. Alex Mohseni invited to speak at Brault’s Healthcare Leadership Forum about the future of Emergency Medicine services and how ED groups can adapt using telemedicine.

  Dr. Mohseni presented on the topic of how Emergency Medicine groups could expand their scope of practice to the virtual space to and how to do so in a financially viable way.

MasteringMedicare Episode 14: Hospice and Secrets of the Hospice Industry published!

In this Mastering Medicare episode we do a deep dive into Hospice with our guest, Cathy Gurson.  She teaches us everything we ever wanted to know about Hospice. Here are some of the topics we cover: How do people get referred to hospice Hospice is covered 100% by Medicare part A What does hospice cover How to get Part B medical care covered while under hospice Hospice reimbursement model Hospice per diem Three levels of hospice care Pier diem changes at the higher levels of care For profit vs non-profit hospice Hospice certificate of need requirements What questions you should ask about when interviewing a hospice CHAP certification for hospice Transitioning - what does transitioning mean in the context of hospice? How to know when a hospice patient is dying Does hospice pay for food and nutrition Tube feeding hospice patients Measuring mean arm circumference (MAC) as a measure of nutritional decline Who is making the hospice recertification? Hospice patient’s relationships with their

Canary Doctor Dr. Alex Mohseni Webinar with Corewood Care About Being an Online Doctor and Providing Care for Senior Citizens on Medicare Through a Virtual Clinic

Dr. Mohseni presented a webinar with Corewood Care on the topic of providing medical care by phone and computer to senior citizens, virtual urgent care, emergency medicine, telemedicine, eldercare, and online doctor visits. He helped explain how talking to an online doctor can provide guidance for seniors and their caregivers about what sort of venue of care they should seek for their medical issue. He explains how an online doctor can folks figure out whether they need the ER vs urgent care vs waiting for their primary care doctor. He discussed the ability to diagnose and treat things like UTI, bladder infections, yeast infections, and helping distinguish serious issues.

Dr. Alex Mohseni Webinar with ProAging Sourcebook

Dr. Mohseni presented a webinar with PositiveAging / ProAging Sourcebook on the topic of virtual urgent care, emergency medicine, telemedicine, eldercare, and online doctor visits, especially for seniors. He helped explain how talking to an online doctor can provide guidance for seniors and their caregivers about what sort of venue of care they should seek for their medical issue.

Dr. Mohseni’s Webinar with Maryland Department of Health about Remote Patient Monitoring during COVID-19

Dr. Howard Haft , the Executive Director of the Maryland Primary Care Program at the Maryland Department of Health, invited Dr. Alex Mohseni to speak about Remote Patient Monitoring in the COVID-19 era. Dr. Mohseni helped explain what is Remote Patient Monitoring, why should people and especially seniors know about this program, how can physicians implement this sort of program, and what some of the challenges are in such a program. A video of the webinar can be found by clicking the 5/08/20 COVID-19 Update link in the Webinar section of the Maryland Department of Health or can be accessed directly here .

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks with the local Aging Life Care Association members about COVID-19

Dr. Mohseni had the pleasure of speaking with Aging Life Care Professionals about COVID-19-related issues, including testing, resources, and prevention, during their May 7th virtual meeting.

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks about telemedicine at Sycamore’s Telemedicine Roundtable

Dr. Alex Mohseni was invited by Sycamore to speak about his experience building, launching, and practicing in telemedicine virtual care programs. Dr. Mohseni explains his experience building value-based telemedicine programs in partnership with payers, especially Medicaid MCOs, the value of chat versus video, and many of the details and challenges of building such programs. Video of the telemedicine discussion session can be accessed with this link .

Dr. Alex Mohseni gives a talk to senior-serving professionals about remote patient monitoring

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks with Steve Gurney from ProAging and The Sourcebook about Remote Patient Monitoring, how it can benefit seniors especially during COVID-19, how it works, and what senior-serving professionals need to know about it.

Dr. Alex Mohseni speaks to the members of the Montgomery County Medical Society about Remote Patient Monitoring

  On March 24, 2020, Dr. Alex Mohseni and Dr. Amy Schiffman were invited to speak to Montgomery County Medical Society’s  physician members about Remote Patient Monitoring programs, their value in the COVID-19 era, how practices can implement these programs, what value they have to patients, and how to overcome some of the challenges of these programs.

Mastering Medicare Episode 4: What is Medicare Part D?

Dr. Amy Schiffman and I do a deep dive into Medicare Part D in this episode of Mastering Medicare. Here are the topics we cover: What is Part D Medicare Opt in Part D Premium calculation for Medicare Part D What is the Medicare Donut Hole? Medicare Part D Donut Hole 4 stages of Part D Part D deductible stage: first $435 Part D initial coverage stage: first $4,020, up to 25% of cost of medication Tiers of medications in Part D Part D tier 1 medications Part D stage 3: donut hole, 25% patient responsibility Part D stage 4: catastrophic stage, copay